From Bill McCune, Arizona's Official Historical Documentary Producer
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11 Programs, 16 Broadcast hours!

DVD Boxed Set!

There is simply no other DVD series like the 11 program, 16 hour, History and Heritage of Arizona. It offers a complete view of Arizona, from pre-historic times to the dawn of the new century; the beauty and geography of her natural wonders; the participation and heritage of the major ethnic and racial groups; the role of pioneer women; and the requirement of courage and forward thinking on the part of settlers, lawmen, and political leaders, alike, in taming a most inhospitable land!!

McCune Television Since the mid 1980s – in addition to all the Arizona history documentaries, civic and political issues films, and overseas war zone videos – Bill McCune has produced approximately fifty litigation videos. These are typically for Plaintiff Council in Wrongful Death, and Catastrophic Injury cases.

Usually a bit less than 30-minutes, these films are used primarily in Settlement Conferences.

Settlement have ranged from a low of $1.5million to $8.3million. Total settlements for the body of work is estimated at about a quarter of a Billion dollars.

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"The only comprehensive Arizona history documentary collection that has ever been produced... or likely ever will be produced."


A message from...
Arizona's Official State Historian Marshall Trimble... and Producer Bill McCune

      We Arizonans are less and less aware of the people and events that helped a rugged wilderness develop into an important part of the American scene.

      Bill McCune came here as a child in 1951; as a young man served in both the Arizona House and Senate. And over the past 25 years has written and produced more than 80 television documentaries including this 11 volume, 16 hour DVD collection: The History and Heritage of Arizona.

      This is real, meaningful history, from pre-historic times through the 20th century. It includes the observations and perspectives of significant contributors to Arizona – many of whom have since passed on.

      The History and Heritage of Arizona DVD boxed set is a priceless, enlightening gift that should be found in the home of all who view themselves as an Arizonan.

Marshall Trimble
Arizona State Historian


"We have six million souls in Arizona, and far too few know much about our state’s incredible history. My mission is to change that."

Bill McCune

Scroll down for details of the 11 Programs

The Road to Statehood

From 13,000 B.C. to 1912 Statehood (and a bit beyond,) this 72 minute, two part program tells the story from pre-historic man to the Spanish Period to the Old West to the beginnings of the New West. It features historians Marshall Trimble, Don Dedera, Lester “Budge” Ruffner, Barry Goldwater and Morris Udall, as well as the music of Dolan Ellis.

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and color photos from "The Road to Statehood".

The Spirit of Arizona

From 1912 Statehood (when Arizona women got the right to vote eight years before the rest of the nation) to the 1990s, this 72 minute, two part program tells the story of our phenomenal growth and development. It features Governor Paul Fannin, Governor Jack Williams, Governor Raul Castro, Governor Sam Goddard, Governor Bruce Babbitt; film producer Stephen Speilberg, Gary Peter Klahr; historians Don Dedera, Marshall Trimble and Lester “Budge” Ruffner; homebuilder John F. Long; as well as Steve Corkran and David Wick.

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and color photos from "The Spirit of Arizona".

Our Unique Geography

geoARIZONA is a 48 minute video overview of the physical and cultural geography of the state. The academic content was developed with the help of the Arizona Geographic Alliance, which is the state arm of the National Geographic Society (and is housed at the Department of Geography at Arizona State University). The program was written for a general TV viewing audience. It offers a good introduction to physical and cultural geography, and a comprehensive look at the application of these disciplines to the 113,000 square miles called Arizona.

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and color photos from "geoARIZONA"

Una Segunda Vista
A Second Look at Arizona’s Hispanic Heritage

This 96 minute, two-part documentary, overviews the history, development and experiences of what today would be known as Mexican Americans. It features historians and Hispanic culture educators Christine Marin of ASU, Joe Torres of Mesa College, Marshall Trimble of Scottsdale College, and Liz Lerma Bowerman; Governor Raul Castro, Congressman Ed Pastor, City Councilman Adam Diaz, State Senator Manual Pena, State Senator Alfredo Gutierrez, State Senator Joe Eddie Lopez; and School Superintendent Frances Amabisca

for detailed syllabus of educational content
and color photos from "Una Segunda Vista".

Almost Free
A History of the Black Experience in Arizona

Almost Free, a one part, 48 minute program is - to our knowledge - the only documentary ever produced on the history of the Black, or African American, experience in Arizona. It features Dr. Morrison Warren, Dr. Eugene Grigsby, educator Joseph Flipper, Journalist Richard E. Harris, Black Theatre Troop founder Helen Mason, Dr. Lincoln Ragsdale; long time residents James McElroy and Senoma Smith; Reverend Warren Stewart and Reverend George Brooks; 1950s Police Chief Charles Thomas, and Attorney William P. Mahoney.

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and color photos from "Almost Free".

The Women They Were

This 24 minute program profiles the lives and accomplishments of the first twenty-four pioneer women inducted into the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame. Hosted by Mary Jo West.

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and color photos from "The Women They Were".

A History of Native Arizona

Without doubt, this three part, three “broadcast hours” series, totaling 144 minutes, is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on history, culture and challenges of Indian tribes of the American Southwest. It features twenty-two tribal leaders, historians and anthropologists.

for detailed syllabus of educational content
and film excerpts from "INDIAN".

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Road to Nazlini
Native American Spirituality

This beautifully photographed 96 minute, two part program (edited by Sheri Brown) explores Native concepts of Creator-God, contrasting them with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition; Tribal spirituality mixed with Christianity and the Native American Church; Ceremonial events, talking circles and sweat lodges; conflicts of cultures for young people; History and mythologies of the use of tobacco and smoke to carry prayers and in healing - in contrast to commercial tobacco. It also examines in great detail, tribal efforts to preserve culture in areas of song, dance, language, legends, games and spirituality.

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and additional film excerpts from "The Road to Nazlini".


Barry Goldwater:
An American Life

The quintessential biography of Barry Goldwater. The life of a 20th century renaissance man: Explorer, world renown photographer, cinematographer, pilot, businessman, Air Force General, U.S. Senator, Presidential candidate. Includes forty years of Goldwater home movies. This 96 minute film features Barry Goldwater, brother Bob Goldwater; lifelong friend Harry Rosenzweig, and historian/friend Lester “Budge” Ruffner.

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and color photos from "Barry Goldwater".


"Barry and Mo"
Special Bonus

In 1984, Republican Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and Democrat Arizona Congressman Morris Udall shared a stage before The Arizona Capitol Hill Club - perhaps three hundred Arizonans employed in Washington by our state‘s congressional delegation.. Both men came from pioneer families; had served the state and nation in war and peace; and had been candidates for President of the United States. Rather than a serious discussion of contemporary-1984 political issues, these two Elder Statesmen engaged in a delightful, very humorous conversation about the connections between their families, Arizona history, and their unsuccessful races for the White House.

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and color photos from ""Barry and Mo".

Arizona Highways
That Ever-Fantastical Magical Magazine

The beauty of Arizona as seen through a collection of incredible photographs from Arizona Highways Magazine. The 24 minute program features the Arizona songs of State Balladeer Dolan Ellis, and the observations of Senator Barry Goldwater and Governor Bruce Babbitt.

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and color photos from "Arizona Highways".


"Whatever it takes, I want Arizonans to know The History and Heritage of Arizona"

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