Barry and Mo

Barry and Mo

Program Time: 60 minutes
Moderator: Jack Murphy
Features Barry Goldwater and Morris Udall


In 1985, Republican Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and Democrat Arizona Congressman Morris Udall shared a stage before The Arizona Capitol Hill Club – perhaps three hundred Arizonans employed in Washington by our state‘s congressional delegation..

Both men came from pioneer families; had served the state and nation in war and peace; and had been candidates for President of the United States.

Rather than a serious discussion of contemporary-1985 political issues, these two Elder Statesmen engaged in a delightful, very humorous conversation about the connections between their families, Arizona history, and their unsuccessful races for the White House.

The program was moderated by Jack Murphy who had been Arizona’s first television news anchor, beginning in 1949 on KPHO, channel 5 in Phoenix. In 1985 Murphy was the spokesman for NASA.

The original tape of the event was erased and recycled in 1985. This DVD was transferred from what is likely the only copy of the program still in existence. It is an “old BetaMax” ½ inch tape given to Bill McCune in 1986 by someone on Mo Udall’s staff. It then suffered nearly twenty years of heat and deterioration, lost in a storeroom – to be recently found. The audio is great. But be warned the technical quality of the video is plenty the worse for ware. It is not your TV set. Still, as deteriorated as it is, this wonderful, funny, give and take between two of Arizona’s most valuable favorite sons is a joy to watch!! And if anyone stumbles across a pristine copy of the show, please get in touch!