Arizona Highways

Arizona Highways

That Ever-Fantastical Magical Magazine

Program Time: 24 minutes


This half-hour program was produced in 1985 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the famous Arizona Highways magazine.

This is NOT a show about the publishing business. Rather, it is a feel and a look at the beauty of Arizona through 154 breath-taking photographs from 58 photographers, blended with ten Arizona heritage songs from State Balladeer, Dolan Ellis. Add to this the comments and observations from Senator Barry Goldwater and Governor Bruce Babbitt.

“One day the Lord cut about 113,000 square miles out of heaven and let it drop to earth. And we call it Arizona!” says Goldwater.

“The cowboy is the symbol of the achievement of the individual prevailing in the face of first Indians, and now government,” observes Babbitt.

“An Arizonan is a survivor… He had the courage to uproot himself and his family… and cut out a new life for himself: A certain grittiness,” concludes Ellis..

Captured by the world’s finest photographers, are compelling images of Indian pow-wows; Spanish missions; shining cityscapes; thousand-year-old Hopi villages; deep canyons (including, of course, the Grand Canyon;) high meadows; towering waterfalls, pine and aspen forests; ocean-like Lake Powell; the desolate Devil’s Highway; Monument Valley; and much, much more.

Says Barry Goldwater, “I’ve always called that Arizona Highways a book of poetry. I think that’s the answer. I think, when you get down to it, it is a poem.”

Featured participants include:
Dolan Ellis;
Barry Goldwater
Bruce Babbitt.